What is Telematics

What is Telematics

With the development of technology, many different innovations have entered our lives. One of these innovations is known as Telematics. Telematics, or Telematics System, is defined as a driving monitoring technology that provides real-time data transmission. Telematics technology is also used by car rental companies thanks to its advantages.

As Borlease, we keep up with the developing technology and integrate our solutions into your vehicles. At this point, using GPS (Global Positioning System), LBS (Locaiton Based Systems) and Navigation features, we ensure optimal optimization for your fleet.

Why Rent a Car with Telematics is Preferred?

Vehicle tracking can be done thanks to telematics car rental. Thanks to the process ofvehicle tracking, companies, especially in the transportation sector, often prefer this technology. In addition, telematics vehicles have different functions such as performance evaluation and trip recording. Up-to-date data is used while performing these operations.

Up-to-date data obtained from telematics tools can be processed and reports can be obtained. The use and storage of this data is extremely important. Because there is also business data in this data.

Fleet Management with Telematics Tools

What are the Advantages?

By installing telematics technology in your vehicles, you can make your fleet safer, more efficient and more economical. Some of the advantages of telematics technology, which aims to increase driving experience and efficiency, are as follows;

  • Improves driving safety.
  • Saves fuel.
  • Increases operational efficiency for companies.
  • It saves serious time.
  • Improves vehicle safety.
  • Provides automated maintenance and repair recommendations.
  • Allows you to obtain driving data and analytical reports.
Fleet Management with Telematics Tools
What Should Be Considered in Telematics Vehicles?

What Should Be Considered in Telematics Vehicles?

The advantages of telematics vehicles are very important. But just having a vehicle telematics system is not enough to achieve this. Not all vehicle telematics and fleet management systems are the same. It is important that the system you are using has all the right features to make the most of all the data available.

To put it more simply, the vehicle in which you will use telematics technology and your current fleet management system should support this technology. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully benefit from the advantages of telematics technology.

At this point, Borlease makes sure that our telematics vehicles and the telematics technology you want to install in your vehicle can be used efficiently. If your vehicle or fleet management system does not meet this, we will provide you with the necessary return.

Telematics Car Rental Prices

As Borlease, we follow the technology and can add telematics technology to the vehicles we rent according to your request. If you want to benefit from the advantages of telematics technology at this point, you can tell us about it during the car rental process. With telematics car rental prices, telematics car rental prices are different. Because the use of telematics technology depends on your preference.

You can contact us by using one of our communication channels to learn more about telematics vehicles and telematics car rental prices. As always, as Borlease, we are with you with our affordable car rental service.



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