Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Borlease Otomotiv A.Ş, a car-as-a-service company, was established in 2013 as the cornerstone of Bor Holding. With its customer-oriented business approach, Borlease earned rapid recognition in the sector and became the solution partner for prominent international and local companies.The culture of innovation, flexibility, and social responsibility, employs 64 people and a fleet of 4600 vehicles. 

In addition to end-to-end vehicle management, Borlease strengthened its position in the sector by incorporating SIXT rent a car, one of the leading international brands in the car rental and mobility sector, in 2019. Borlease continues to invest in the needs of the sector arising from its field of activity while expanding the scope of its services in the car rental sector with SIXT rent a car.

Estasyon, which operates electric vehicle charging points, joined the Group of companies with the EMRA license it obtained in 2022 and began investing in stations to provide a service throughout Turkey. As a member of Bor Holding, Borlease is one of the signatories of the United Nations Global Compact and aims to create value through global environmental and social benefit projects. Borlease carries out projects that contribute to society in the field of education with the volunteering initiative Gülümseten Yarınlar Atölyesi implemented by Borlease employees.

In 2022, Borlease and SIXT rent a car launched a collaborative project with Help Steps, a free app that converts corporate car kilometers into support for NGOs. The “Dönüşümde Yaşam Var” project aims to reduce and bring awareness to the carbon footprint caused by the use of vehicles.


Borlease Otomotiv delivers high-level service in its sector within the framework of its mission to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by bringing together its expertise in the operational fleet leasing sector with the needs of its business partners.


Our main vision is to be among the leading fleet leasing companies in Turkey with our customer satisfaction-oriented business approach, respectful to the environment, laws, social and ethical values, and innovative, socially responsible company profile.


Reputation and Integrity:We follow an honest and reputable way by fulfilling our promises and commitments to institutions and individuals on time and completely. We adhere to laws and ethical principles.Customer Focus:It exhibits a flexible and solution-oriented approach according to the needs of our customers; We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction in all circumstances.Staff Satisfaction:To approach our personnel with trust and respect, to lead, to appreciate and reward success and to make honesty essential in all relationships.Innovation and Creativity:We follow a path that is open to innovative and creative ideas and supports multi-faceted development.Sensitivity to Society and Environment:With the awareness that we are responsible for the improvement of social and natural life, we carry out sustainable corporate social responsibility projects.

Reputation and Honesty:

We follow an honest and reputable path by fulfilling our promises and commitments to institutions and individuals on time and in their entirety. We adhere to laws and ethical principles.

Customer Orientation:

We exhibit a flexible and solution-oriented approach according to the needs of our customers; we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction under all circumstances.

Employee Satisfaction:

To approach our employees with trust and respect, to lead them, to appreciate and reward their achievements, and to make honesty the basis of all relations.

Innovation and Creativity:

We follow a path that is open to innovative and creative ideas and support multidimensional development.

Sensitivity to Society and Environment:

We undertake sustainable corporate social responsibility projects with the awareness that we are responsible for the improvement of social and natural life.

Borlease is a subsidiary of Bor Holding.


The foundations of Bor Holding were laid in 2013 with the establishment of Borlease Otomotiv. As of 2019, Bor Holding expanded its field of activity through automotive, insurance and technology investments with brands such as Tardigrad and Magdeburger Sigorta, and in the same year, it acquired SIXT Turkey, one of the world's most famous car rental brands. In line with its sustainability targets, Bor Holding has taken the first step of its investments in the field of energy with the Estasyon brand established in 2022.