What is Operational Leasing?

What is Operational Leasing?
Vehicle Supply With Operational Rental Faster Than Ever

Vehicle Supply With Operational Rental Faster Than Ever

Companies can buy or lease the vehicles they need. Companies prefer the vehicles they need more often than the rental way. This leasing process is called "Operational Leasing". Thanks to the operational leasing option, companies or individuals have the opportunity to work with experts in fleet management.

Operational Leasing has been frequently preferred by companies in recent years. Therefore, many different questions are asked about the operational leasing process. By reading the rest of our article, you can learn more about operational leasing.

Why Should Businesses Prefer Operational Leasing?

There are many different reasons why businesses prefer operational leasing. Budget management is one of these reasons. That is, when the business decides to buy a vehicle for its employees, it needs to allocate a serious budget. However, with operational leasing, businesses can meet the vehicle needs of their employees with a much lower budget.

Thanks to operational leasing, businesses can work with companies that specialize in fleet leasing. In this way, the need for a rental fleet is eliminated. In addition, operational leasing allows businesses to save significant time.

In addition, operational leasing allows businesses to transfer the costs of vehicles such as automobiles, maintenance and repair to the rental company.

Maintenance - Dealing with Repair

Maintenance - Dealing with Repair

Low Risk of Property Damage

Low Risk of Property Damage

No Trading Processes

No Trading Processes

How Does the Operational Car Rental Process Work?

Contrary to popular belief, operational car rental is not a complicated process. After determining the brand, model and number of vehicles that your company / business needs, you need to contact a car rental company that will meet your requests.

At this point, as Borlease, we are with you for your operational car rental transactions. You can contact us for more detailed information about operational car rental.

Things to Consider in the Operational Car Rental Process

Some of these issues are as follows;


  • Do not examine in detail the agreement you will make with the car rental company. (Operational lease contract parameters etc.)
  • You should make sure that the vehicles you need can be covered by the car rental company.
  • You should be able to easily reach the car rental company 24/7 in case of any problems.
  • During the operational car rental process, you need to pay attention to the km limit in the agreement you will make with the car rental company.
How Does the Operational Car Rental Process Work?

We manage all processes on your behalf in our fleet rental service.

We supply your preferred brand and model vehicles under the most suitable conditions, and you can easily track tax and maintenance periods, as well as provide professional support in processes such as damage, accident or insurance.

Periodic Maintenance



Tire Change

Equivalent Vehicle

Registration, Tax & Insurance Transactions

From 12 months to 4 years, the transportation needs of the company employees are met without making a purchase.

The user must pay attention to certain rules/rules within the framework of the contract signed during the rental process.

At the end of the contract period, the vehicle is returned to the rental company.

In order not to disrupt the activities of the company employees, the problems that may occur with the supply of substitute vehicles are taken under control.

Three important factors come to the fore in choosing a long-term car rental.


Being Economic


Ease of Maintenance, Repair and Renewal Processes


Saving Time

Vehicle supply is faster than ever with operational leasing

By paying monthly fixed and affordable rental fees, you can supply your company vehicles and manage cash flow without using equity.

Our Operational Services

We offer you reliable and professional fleet management service with our expert and experienced staff in the sector.

Maintenance and Repair

The maintenance and repair of your vehicles are completed in a timely and trouble-free manner at authorized services, using original spare parts.

Damage Management

In case of damage, fast and accurate service is provided by our competent experts.

Vehicle Transfer

Your vehicle maintenance, repair, inspection, etc. In such cases, it is removed and re-delivered.